Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds

The Partnership - a network of public and research agencies - is offering a precompetitive environment for automated vehicle (AV) testing. The partners are opening their closed, controlled, and open testing sites across Texas to innovators for complete life-cycle development and assessment of AVs. The Partnership envisions a truly collaborative effort that combines facilities, equipment, and expertise for test-bed development, deployment, and scaling. Each partner brings its own knowledge and expertise together in living lab environments to advance common goals and provide positive visibility to the public. 

Community of Practice

Join a network dedicated to sharing and implementing best practices and dedicated to supporting peer projects by sharing lessons learned.


Unified Communications & Marketing

Benefit from continuous and unified promotion of the Partnership, its activities, and the Partnership’s mission and objectives.

Make Texas a Leader

Signal that Texas communities will be early adopters of emerging transportation technologies and will advance their development, proving, and deployment.


Proving Grounds

The proving grounds offer controlled and partially-controlled environments on the research campuses where the complete life-cycle development of automated vehicles can be safely tested.  The TAMUS RELLIS Campus, the UT Austin and JJ Pickle Campuses, and the SwRI Campus all have facilities that have been used for automated vehicle testing of passenger car, freight, and military applications.

Texas Test Beds

The urban and freight test sites offer real-world testing areas where a variety of environments with different challenges can be explored.  These test sites offer scenarios ranging from urban vs. rural, high-speed vs. low speed, passenger cars vs. freight, on-road vs. off-road, freeways vs. arterials and where modal applications can be tested including highways, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle.  The specific areas in each region are highlighted below

  • Austin Area – Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Riverside Drive corridor
  • Houston Area – Texas Medical Center, Houston METRO HOV lanes, and Port of Houston
  • Dallas Fort Worth Arlington area – I-30 West Corridor and Managed Lanes
  • San Antonio Area  Fredericksburg Road/Medical Drive corridor and bus rapid transit system
  • El Paso – Tornillo/Guadalupe Port of Entry

Partnership Points of Contact

  • Texas A&M University System: Dr. Christopher Poe, P.E. ( | 972.994.0433)
  • The University of Texas: Dr. Chandra Bhat ( | 512.471.4535)
  • Southwest Research Institute: Michael Brown ( | 210.522.3104)