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Data Standards: A key outcome will be in developing a common set of data standards for areas such as construction and lane closures, incident reporting, and special events. In pushing the information out to the public, public agencies can serve as a reliable resource for traveler information.


Data Life Cycle Management: Policies supporting the life cycle of data will be integral to sustaining and managing the large amounts of data within the Data Commons. The life cycle of data begins with it's creation and storage and ends with its deletion upon becoming obsolete.

Privacy and Cybersecurity: To ensure the safety and security of the Data Commons, establishment of best practices and policies supporting cybersecurity are integral to the formation of the Data Commons.

Common Performance Metrics: The Data Commons must establish a series of performance metrics that assess the progress and desired outcomes of the data being recorded. Performance metrics will be integral to determining how data in the system will be recorded, stored, and organized.