Pillars and Projects


The Alliance’s approach is anchored in four  pillars  of  activities  that constitute  a portfolio  of  actions:

  1. Policies, Standards, & Regulations

  2. Industry & Stakeholder Engagements

  3. Partnership Development

  4. Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Procurement Reform.png

Procurement Reform

The Alliance will develop a problem-based framework to support rapid prototyping, technology-as-a-service models, and creative partnerships to enable innovative pilot projects, while ensuring accountability and shared risk

Comprehensive Data Strategy

Partners of the Alliance will make a formal commitment to open data principles and pursue collective data-sharing agreements. The Alliance will organize a comprehensive data strategy, architecture, and standards to develop best practices and policy recommendations.

Industry & Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

To keep Partners technically current, industry, research, and citizen engagement meetings will be held on a periodic basis to cover specialized topics related to emerging technologies and assist in supporting community inclusion.

Strategic & Financial Planning

The Alliance will assist partners in developing pilot projects through the concept-procurement-implementation-evaluation process. Industry and research partners will be identified with the technical capabilities to meet the pilot project needs.

Knowledge Base

The Alliance will compile lessons learned, best practices, and points of contact related to relevant topics in a central repository. In addition, the Alliance will create a network of subject matter experts to enable Partners to leverage the expertise across the state.


Leveraging the network of research institutions across the state of Texas and beyond, the Alliance will provide customized research services in support of pilot projects. In particular, the Alliance will help in assessing technology readiness and identifying common performance metrics.