Moving Texas Forward

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Next Generation Mobility

Texas is at a pivotal moment - where the rate of population growth, infrastructure needs, and technological advancement are challenging our ability to provide quality mobility services to our communities. The Texas Innovation Alliance is an action network of local, regional, and state agencies and research institutions who are committed to addressing community mobility challenges by creating a platform for innovation. Working together, we have the power to leverage our collective expertise, resources, and solutions to provide a safe, reliable, and seamless transportation experience for all.  

Why Mobility? Why Now?

With five of the nation's fifteen fastest growing regions located in Texas and the population expected to double by the year 2050, it is critical to manage disruption proactively rather than allow rapid urbanization to stifle our state's economy. As we usher in the next generation of technologies, a paradigm shift has already begun in transportation. An entrepreneurial approach is needed for Texas to take a leadership position, enabling our state to support a 21st century workforce and continue attracting and growing businesses.


Creating a Platform for Innovation

The Alliance is working on several opportunities that unite Texas regions in unprecedented collaboration within the transportation field. Learn more about our key efforts below.





The TX Innovation Alliance formed in 2016 as a network of public agencies and research institutions advancing mobility. 

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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Texas Innovation Alliance, and Smart Cities Lab invite you to join the Smart Cities Data Challenge.

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Designated by the US Department of Transportation, Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds Partnership is the hub for next generation vehicle research and development,

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